Since the success of Ether Rock in August 2021, many copycat rock NFT's have launched. I'm not necessarily against these as long as they're presented for what they are. However, one bad actor in particular is trying to sell "original ether rocks" (since rebranded as "we like the rocks" and "genesis rocks" after the original site and twitter was taken down), without disclosing that A) the contract used has a serious bug where rocks can always be brought even if they've been listed as not for sale (and was therefore disbanded a day after it was deployed), B) this bad actor used this bug to exploit the contract to mint himself many rocks for free and C) the bug in that contract actually allows unlimited rocks to be minted by anyone for free. If you buy from this person you are sending your ETH to a cockroach. Due to the prevelance of unethical people trying to make a buck off the success of Ether Rock, I recommend avoiding derivative projects.

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Ether Rock - Pet Rocks On The Blockchain

Launched in 2017, EtherRock was one of the first crypto collectible NFT-type projects on the Ethereum blockchain, having launched shortly after CryptoPunks. Only 100 rocks can ever be available, and each new virgin rock gets more and more expensive. This game is built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, with a decentralized smart contract (deployed here) used to manage everything including the buying and selling of rocks, their prices and owners (though this website is still necessary so you can see pretty pictures of the rocks).

These virtual rocks serve NO PURPOSE beyond being able to be brought and sold, and giving you a strong sense of pride in being an owner of 1 of the only 100 rocks in the game :)

How to play: you must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet to view info on rocks, and some Ether (the currency of Ethereum) to buy a rock. The easiest way to connect to the Ethereum mainnet is to use the MetaMask plugin for Chrome -- go ahead and install it (takes 1 minute), then refresh this page. To get Ether you will need to buy some from an exchange like Coinbase.

Own a rock? Go to the rock management console allowing you to sell, hold or transfer your rock.

[email protected] | Discord | Twitter | Latest rock prices | Bug bounty | NFT Sprites (An NFT project launched in March 2021 by the same developer)

Latest Virgin Rock [Never Before Sold]

All 100 rocks have been sold. You can purchase non-virgin rocks below, if they have been listed for sale by their owners.

All Active (USED) Rocks

Once you connect to the Ethereum mainnet, information on all the rocks Ethereum users have brought would be shown below. Any rocks that users have listed for sale could also be brought here.